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Full Time Pilot

Desert Sand Aircraft • Wisconsin

Position Details

Desert Sand Aircraft is looking for a full-time pilot who will act as the lead at a Wisconsin DZ. The DZ is very busy, flying 5 days per week. We strongly prefer someone with jump pilot experience, even better if they have SuperVan experience.

The ABSOLUTE MINIMUM TOTAL TIME IS 750 hours. Preference given to people with jump pilot time and turbine time.

Housing is provided and pay is competitive. This can turn into a year-round position or can remain a full season position (ends October 31).

Email resume to info@desertsandaircraft.com 

Cessna 182 & Cessna Caravan Pilot

JumpTN  • Greeneville, TN

Position Details

JumpTN in Greeneville, TN (GCY) is looking for a full time pilot to fly a Cessna 182 and a Cessna Caravan for our 2023 season March through January. Must have a commercial certificate, second class medical and 1000 hours TT.
Please email resume to info@jumptn.com 

Twin Otter Jump Pilot

AerOhio Skydiving • Ashland, Ohio

Position Details

AerOhio Skydiving in Ashland, Ohio is looking for a full time Twin Otter jump pilot for our 2023 season, April through early November. Minimum requirements are Commercial Certificate, Multi-Engine Rating and 1200TT. Preference for 400 hours of multi-engine time and/or Twin Otter time. Guaranteed weekly salary and housing provided. Anyone interested can get more information by sending an email with a resume to staff@aerohio.com.

PC-12 First Officers

PlaneSense - All U.S. Bases

Position Details

Pilot the legendary Pilatus PC-12!
We look for aviation professionals with strong work ethic and exceptional skills that adapt well to the ever changing environment that fractional flight operations demands. Crews provide a full range of owner-focused support, from safe operation of the aircraft to hands-on customer service, while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. First Officers are official PlaneSense, Inc. employees as of their first day of Initial Ground School.

First Officers work an 8 on duty/6 off schedule with an operating area including the continental United States, Canada, Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America.

Reporting Bases
All PlaneSense® pilots have THEIR CHOICE of over 41 pilot reporting bases across the U.S., including our state-of-the-art headquarters in Portsmouth, NH. This means you won’t have to bid on routes, and you decide where you want to live. See the list of all reporting bases here.

• Current and valid FAA Commercial or ATP pilot license with single engine land ratings
• Total flight time/fixed wing minimum: 750 TT hours
• Highly qualified candidates will have 1000 TT, CFII and 75+ hours of instrument time
• Current and valid second class FAA medical
• Current passport with unrestricted international travel privileges
• Valid driver’s license
• Preferred but not required: Part 135 and/or Part 91 subpart K; Corporate flight; and/or flight time in advanced avionics systems or glass systems.

First Officers are on payroll and eligible for benefits Day One of initial training.

Career Path
PlaneSense, Inc. is proud to offer a favorable career path and hire from within. We have always upgraded to PC-12 Captain, Instructor Pilot, and Check Airman based on merit, not seniority. Once a pilot has the minimum number of flight hours required by FAA regulation to be a PIC (1500 hours), the upgrade will depend on several factors including: total PC-12 time, overall performance and professionalism, an upgrade test, and an evaluation training period. ATP and CTP course opportunities are provided as needed.
PC-12 crew members may transition into the Jet Flight Operations based on seniority. The large PlaneSense® jet fleet includes a growing number of Pilatus PC-24 jets.
In their words: Learn about pilot life at PlaneSense from the pilots themselves

Apply here! 

PC-12 First Officer

Boutique Air - Any Base

Position Details

Boutique Air is hiring Captains and First Officers to fly the PC-12 throughout the country. The PC-12 is operated in the executive and commuter configuration to accommodate scheduled airline service operations throughout the United States.

The Professional Difference:
Boutique Air operations utilize a two crew operation hinged on Crew Resource Management (CRM) and standardization. Our crew concept is modeled after the industry standards utilizing checklists, call outs, flows, and Standard Operating Practices (SOP's). We have a Flight Standards Manual that covers every aspect of our flight operation. Safety is our number one priority!

Training Pay: We now pay full pay for all pilots from the very first day of ground school!

Pilots: Over 100+ pilots and counting.

Pilot Domiciles: Baltimore (KBWI), Denver (KDEN), Dallas Fort Worth (KDFW), Oakland (KOAK), Portland (KPDX).

Open Time/Trip Trade: All pilots have access to system wide open time. This means you can pick up flying in advance that is unassigned to another pilot. Boutique Air also allows for pilots to trip trade.
CASS/Jumpseat (Cockpit Access Security System): Boutique Air participates in CASS and MyIDTravel at no cost to the pilot. Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Frontier are among some of our reciprocal agreements. We grow the jumpseat program every month.

Pay Scale:
PC-12 First Officer Base Rate Hourly Monthly Guarantee Yearly Guarantee Amount $33.33/hour, 75 hours/month, $30,000.00/year.

Boutique Air is seeking qualified and motivated SIC candidates for the Pilatus PC-12!
Boutique Air has been conducting charter operations under Part 135 since 2009 and added Essential Air Service operations in 2014. This allows our crews to fly into all different kinds of airports in all different climates and levels of service, making our pilots some of the best trained and most versatile in the industry. We have pilots domiciled in DFW, BWI, PDX, and OAK.
Currently we assign domiciles based on seniority during the first week of ground school.
Our route structure enables most pilots to be home every day during their workweek, and flexibility with their schedules.

If you have 1200+ hours, please apply as Captain.

SIC Requirements:
• Commercial pilot certificate with instrument rating
• First Class Medical
• 500 - 1,100 hours total time depending on need
• 100 hours Point-to-Point Cross Country time
• 25 hours Night Point-to-Point Cross Country time

SIC Preferred Experience:
• 6 months employment experience as a pilot
• 50 hours turbine And 75 hours instrument

SIC Compensation:
• $33.33/flight hour with 75 hour/month guarantee ($30,000/year)
• Health Insurance
• $30/rest period per diem after first rest period away from base
We look forward to having you join the team!

Pilot: Washington, DC, Plymouth, MA and Bridgeport, CT

Tailwind Air is expanding our fleet and adding bases for the season starting
March 2023. We are looking for qualified Captains to join our growing team of professional aviators.Tailwind Air operates a fleet of late model amphib Caravan EX’s in a challenging VFR/IFR environment.

We are seeking experienced captains for multiple bases including: Washington, DC, Plymouth, MA and Bridgeport, CT. Come join a great team flying in the Northeast!

Minimum Qualifications:
Excellent attitude, hard working and safe pilot, comfortable serving our high profile clientele.
135 IFR mins plus:
2500 TT
1500 PIC Floats
500hrs Amphib
500hrs Turbine
East River qualified a plus
2nd Class Medical
Established Payscale:
Year one fully qualified Captains starting at $120k annually.
Five year scale that tops out at $140k with cost of living increase thereafter.

New hires with East River experience may be eligible to start above “Year One” on the pay scale (depending on experience).

5/2 schedule
Health insurance available and paid 100% by Tailwind Air for full time Captains
Vacation Policy
Per diem

When applying please include your full name and preferred base in the subject line. Applications must include the following info:
Photos of Pilot Cert, Medical, Drivers License
Accidents/Incidents with explanation
A short bio about yourself and why you are interested.
Two references of people that can attest to your flying ability first hand

Due to high application volume we will only be responding to select applicants. Thank you sincerely for your interest in joining our team.

Send resume to slind@flytailwind.com

Pilot, California

Silicon Valley Skydiving (CA) is accepting resumes for a PAC 750 PIC position. Candidates need a minimum of 1000TT to get into the training program. Training requirements vary according to previous flight experience. All operations are carried out at the San Martin Airport (E16). Training will be provided in jump ops and PAC 750 operation training and familiarization. Send resumes to jobs@SiliconValleySkydiving.com

Pilot, Arizona

Win Aviation Arizona is currently accepting resumes for Skyvan PICs . Candidates need min 1000hrs total time, at least 250 multi and 100 turbine. Competitive guaranteed pay.

All work is Military Paradrop operations and all work is in the South Western States. Training will be provided in military ops and Skyvan familiarization. Successful candidates will need to relocate to the South Phoenix area.

US Citizens only.

Contact : careers@winaviation.com

Filled Positions

Pilot, Davis, CA

Skydance Skydiving (CA) is looking for a pilot for their Caravan.

Get into the most powerful Caravan in the country with the Texas Turbine 900 Supervan which can fly High-Altitude loads up to 30,000 feet in less than 30 minutes! Become a part of a tight-knit community of people, with a fun work environment. We perform typical skydive operations 5 days/week as well as military, drop testing, and other specialty jobs. Affordable housing options available, we offer competitive pay.  

Requirements: 750 Hours TT, Instrument, Commercial. Previous Jump pilot experience Ideal but not required.

We are hiring for a full time position and are ready to start training immediately.

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